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It raised more questions than it answered. I originally got this purely because it was one of the free ebooks in the iBooks store. It's set in Australia, which I liked - hardly any of the books I read are set in Australia. Typically, it was set on the East Coast following the life of a Year 12 student who suddenly finds out that she had superhuman abilities. That it where I drew the line about things I liked about it. So Almost totally implausible.

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Some of it is plausible, like being more evolved and being able to use a larger percentage of their brains than regular humans; but then there is the stuff that is not plausible. The first example was turning pond water into drinking water in Year 12 Chemistry. Are you kidding me? That's not even a year 9 experiment. All of these more evolved people are stunningly attractive.

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Physical appearance is not controlled by your brain! It's in your DNA. Similarly, they all had super-fast metabolisms which allowed them to eat as much as they wanted and stay super-thin. That's controlled by the thyroid, which I will agree has input from the brain, but not as much as would allow this.

Then they could teleport?! What even?!? The protagonist was slightly weak in my opinion. At the slightest hint that her boyfriend was only living in Australia temporarily which equates to two years she get's all self conscious and thinks that he has another girlfriend in England. Jan 15, salroka rated it did not like it. Pfft, I don't know what buggers me more. The stupid behaviour of the main character, the plot holes or the idea that being a superhuman due evolution and able to teleport - wtf?

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Jade lacked a character. She was just a flat thing who's obsessed with her hot boyfriend. She's even obsessed and wants to have sex with him when Aiden's mother explains her that she's a "superhuman". Jade's friendship with Chelsea is unbelieveable.

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Jade just starts to care about her so-called BFF after she was kidnapped. There's no explanation why a bunch of humans were better than the rest of us, there's no background story for Jade, Aiden, And the abilities they have because of using all of the brain? Why you should be able to teleport because you use your entire brain capacity? The thing with reading minds and influencing emotions is believeable if it wouldn't be so over the top most of the time.

Furthermore the entire thing is rushed, too. Everyone seems to hide something and not willing to talk about and boom - view spoiler [ Chelsea is free and fine again. Jade's mom is dead and they're on the way to Singapore. It's too unbelieveable. May 30, Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: pnr , favorites , owned-e-books , magic , paranormal , fantasy , auth-req-read , science-fiction. A Major page turner! I really enjoyed this book by a new author, it was refreshing to read by an Australian author, and the story takes place there as well.

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I know some people have said things about spelling, and such, BUT I do know that they spell many words different in Australia than they do here in USA. I just want to point that out. I really did not notice anything at all wrong with this book.

I was sucked into the story on the very first page. I mean, it literally grabs your attention! The story starts with some strange things happening with Jade, and one of them is she finds she is healing from an injury, right before her eyes. I mean this happens within the first few pages. Of course she starts to freak out, not sure what is going on with her.

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Wanting to know what she is, how this is happening, ect. I do not want to give away any huge spoilers here. I mean, this book is amazing, and has me eager for the sequel, as its going to be a series. I really enjoyed the relationship between Jade and Aiden, it was so refreshing and sweet. I can understand this time is rough for Jade, it would be something to deal with what she has to deal with. She gets some strange dream, or is it a vision? She is determined to find her.

You can find out for yourself. Towards the end, I was on the edge of my seat, freaking out, wondering what was going to happen next, as something major happens, and I just had to find out what was going to happen, so was up until 3am to finish this book. Now I am anxious to read the sequel. This book I recommend to anyone who likes the paranormal, suspense, and something that is a little different than what we usually find out there. I really enjoyed this book, and hope you give it a chance too. A favorite part in book, Kindle location All that occupied my mind was Aiden.

No matter what life would throw my way, he was my constant. He made me feel safe. And right now I was wrapped in his arms, but it wasn't enough. I wanted more, I wanted all of him. I wanted him to take me in his arms, and carry me up those stairs. That thought was quickly squashed when i realized that not only Aiden could hear my desire, but his mother could to. Jan 07, Kathy Jo rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish. This could have been a good book Instead developing the story line it seemed the author was more focused on 17 year olds having an active sex life and the parents being ok with it because "teenagers will be teenagers".

Did not finish. Mar 02, Ravencrantz rated it it was ok Shelves: beautiful-covers , how-about-no , disappointment , e-books. It's over? But nothing happened. Not really. I mean, it's not like everyone was just sitting around doing nothing, but wait it's really over? I'm sorry, I'm still trying to process what just happened. I mean, I know I read it, but what did I read?

I think these people had special powers? Everything went by so fast, it was hard to keep up.

I'm all for fast paced books, but I never thought there was such thing as too fast. I'd never run into that problem before. But it made everyt It's over? But it made everything seem so choppy and one scene jumping into the next and I barely had time to process one thing before another was thrown at me. Nothing was explained.

Apparently Jade and Aiden have these special abilities and are immortal, but we don't know why other than "Oh, we're advanced humans and were born this way. I'd prefer to have a better explanation than that, but no, after that little scene Jade is suddenly asleep in Aiden's room and onto the next scene. Or how about when Jade is in class with Chelsea and then suddenly she's on fire, running out of the classroom and Aiden is suddenly there taking her away from school? All that happened so fast, it's like I was hit in the face with a massive snowball and I have to stop and think about what the hell just happened.