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Georgia Evans, Ed.D.

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Share this So they, too, can support families and lift students to new heights of success. Since Evans became a Community Partnership School, student test scores and other metrics have significantly increased, Ellis says. Suicide: Myths, Signs and Prevention.

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Documents indicate that Jessica D. The Georgia Professional Standards Commission, which regulates certifications for teachers in the state, shows a revocation of her certificate effective March 3, after a plea negotiation for a felony shoplifting charge in The felony case was recently closed following a conditional discharge order by the court, which is often used for drug offenses and property crime offenses that stem from drug abuse.

Many school systems use contract services, like Kelly Subs, but Evans County maintains their list internally and handles each substitute as a contractor with the school system. During this time, Martin Waters is the interim superintendent.

August 30, — Board votes to approve Martin Waters as Superintendent and award him a contract through June 30, December 17, — Jessica Waters is arrested for felony shoplifting. February 14, — A guilty plea is entered by Waters, who is sentenced to 5 years probation, days in jail, and in-patient treatment. A conditional discharge is offered if sentencing terms are met, no additional crimes are committed, and fees and fines are paid on time.

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Jessica Waters remains on the substitute teacher list for the remainder of the school year, despite the guilty plea, and is on the list again for the school year, during which time her teaching certification is revoked. Her teaching certification is still revoked, though the state prohibits anyone with a revoked certification from working as a substitute teacher.

June 24, — A special-called meeting with the Evans County Board of Education is called at p.

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Upon return to regular session, a public vote is made on the employment of several new hires across the district. Not announced at the meeting or published with the Board meeting minutes was the internal transfer of Jessica Waters from Substitute Teacher to ISS Teacher, which was a personnel transfer made with four others for the school year.

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  • According to the Standards Commission, state and federal police background checks are not part of the certification process, but fingerprinting and FBI background checks are required for professional employment in Georgia public schools. Internal transfers mean a background check can be circumvented. Board members did not vote to approve these transfers, which means the decision was.