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Now, the models used to project global warming all predict that this temperature difference will decrease rather than increase. Thus, the increase in temperature extremes would best support the idea of global cooling rather than global warming. This has also been the case with sea-level rise. Sea level has been increasing by about 8 inches per century for hundreds of years, and we have clearly been able to deal with it.

In order to promote fear, however, those models that predict much larger increases are invoked. As a practical matter, it has long been known that at most coastal locations, changes in sea level, as measured by tide gauges, are primarily due to changes in land level associated with both tectonics and land use.

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Moreover, the small change in global mean temperature actually the change in temperature increase is much smaller than what the computer models used by the IPCC have predicted. Thus, the issue of man-made climate change does not appear to be a serious problem. Cherry picking is always an issue. Thus, there has been a recent claim that Greenland ice discharge has increased, and that warming will make it worse. In fact both these observations can be true and indeed, ice build-up pushes peripheral ice into the sea. Misrepresentation, exaggeration, cherry picking, or outright lying pretty much covers all the so-called evidence.

There is at least one positive aspect to the present situation. None of the proposed policies will have much impact on greenhouse gases.

Thus we will continue to benefi t from the one thing that can be clearly attributed to elevated carbon dioxide: namely, its effective role as a plant fertilizer, and reducer of the drought vulnerability of plants. This published version of the lecture contains minor editorial changes to the text as delivered by Professor Lindzen.

Notes 1. KA Graeter et al. Geophysical Research Letters 45 7 , — Fritz Vahrenholt And: "Extreme weather is the only card they have got left to play. Fritz Vahrenholt, who is one of the founders of Germany's modern environmental movement, and agreed to an interview with NoTricksZone. He is one of the co- authors of the German skeptic book "Die kalte Sonne", which took Germany by storm last year and is now available at bookstores worldwide in English under the title: The Neglected Sun.

In Germany Prof. Vahrenholt has had to endure a lot heat from the media, activists, and climate scientists for having expressed a different view. But as global temperatures remain stagnant and CO2 climate sensitivity is being scaled back, he feels vindicated. What changed your mind? FV: I was Environmental Senator of Hamburg until and had had absolutely no doubts about the AGW hypothesis because global temperatures indeed had been running parallel with CO2 emissions.

My first doubts over the IPCC's science arose after the dramatic errors of the 4th Assessment Report came to light. We saw that the wind strength in Northwest Europe had been in decline year after year. Yet, climate scientists had told us just the opposite was supposed to occur, i.

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So I looked at the literature in detail and was able to find there was a relationship with the North Atlantic Oscillation, whose year cycle had entered a weak phase. I wrote articles about this in leading German dailies, and I was immediately branded as a "climate denier" by Stefan Rahmstorf. His reaction led me to look even deeper into the literature. In the end it was Schellnhuber and Rahmstorf who turned me into a skeptic. It remained on the Spiegel bestseller list for 3 weeks.

Has it changed the discussion in Germany? Were you surprised by the public's reaction? FV: The leftist, liberal media labeled me an "eco-reactionary" who represented obsolete positions. That was to be expected. What truly surprised me the most was the harsh reaction from German climate scientists who were not even willing to discuss the topics addressed in the book. And the longer our book remained on the bestseller list, and the longer the warming stop became, the more our adversaries' tactics ran aground.

First they ignored us and then they tried to isolate us through personal defamation. Die kalte Sonne became the symbol of resistance against a politically indoctrinated science which denied natural processes and spread fear in order to promote a particular energy policy - one that threatened the prosperity and growth of the German industrial base. So to me it was a sort of an accolade when former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt invited me to a personal audience to find out more about Die kalte Sonne.

Now it is appearing this week as The Neglected Sun. It's the Die kalte Sonne in English, and it's been updated. NTZ: CO2 is supposed to be trapping heat in the atmosphere, yet global atmospheric temperatures haven't risen in months over 16 years. Where has all the "trapped heat" gone? Some leading scientists are frustrated that they cannot find it.


Katya and the Solar Wind (Life After Earth Series Book 1)

What do you think is happening? What's false? Reality or the models? How does atmospheric warming from a climate gas jump meters deep into the ocean? If you consider the uncertainties in the Earth's radiation budget measurements at the top of the atmosphere, and those of the temperature changes at water depths below meters, where we are talking about changes of a few hundredths of a degree Celsius over many years, such a "missing heat" cannot be ascertained today. The likelihood is that there is no "missing heat". Slight changes in cloud cover could easily account for a similar effect.

That would mean the end of the alarmist CO2 theory. Perhaps this is why we've been hearing speculation about the deep ocean. On the other hand, perhaps this discussion tells us that the alarmist faction needs to deal more with oceanic cycles. Do you think the directors of world's leading climate research institutes risk damaging the once sterling reputations of their institutes if they do not soon admit there's a problem with climate science?

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FV: They certainly find themselves in a serious jam. That's why they are now trying to gain time by claiming that the models first become falsified if there has been no warming over a period of 30 years - never mind that the warming of to was only 22 years and deemed to be long enough to "prove" the CO2 theory. A few years ago climate scientist Ben Santer said only 17 years were necessary before we could talk about a real climate trend. Now that reality is pulling the rug from under models, some scientists are having misgivings.

Some are praying for an El Nino year, which would allow them to beat the drums of fear again. They'll hype up every single weather effect to get attention. NTZ: Some prominent climate experts have been expressing second thoughts about the seriousness of man-made climate change, e. Hans von Storch, Lennart Bengtsson. Do you expect more scientists to follow as more data come in? FV: Certainly. That's what's so fascinating about science. It proposes theories. And when they don't fit reality, they get changed.