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Monkeys Can Talk: Lack Of Speech Due To Brain Wiring | Tech Times

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When it comes to language, primates have all the right vocal equipment. They just lack the brains

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  • Why can't monkeys speak? Vocal anatomy is not the problem -- ScienceDaily?
  • If Humans Evolved From Primates, Why Can't Monkeys Talk?.
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  • Luke 46 books view quotes. Jan 05, PM. Geetanjali 2 books view quotes. Dec 15, PM. Brandon 26 books view quotes. Dec 13, PM. These animals also have potentials for an ability that is unique to humans, the ability to talk. Using an X-ray video of a monkey eating, making facial expressions and vocalizing, the researchers developed computer models and parameters to better understand the potentials of the primate's vocal tract.

    Why monkeys can’t talk—and what they would sound like if they could

    The computer model revealed what it would sound like if the primates were able to say certain phrases such as "happy holidays. The findings debunk the long-held idea that monkeys can't talk because they do not have the appropriate vocal tract to make this possible. In the past, researchers studied dead animals to judge the capability of the vocal tracts.

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    • Why can't monkeys speak? Vocal anatomy is not the problem.
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    • Monkeys DO have the power to talk - but their lack of speech could be down to their brains.
    • The new study involved live rhesus macaque monkeys. Fitch and colleagues said that non-human primates can't talk because they lack the right wiring in their brains. Evolutionary biopsychologist Thore Jon Bergman, from the University of Michigan, who was not part of the study, said that the findings show that what makes people different from other primates is the ability to control the vocal apparatus and not the apparatus itself.