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This assures most efficient use of the visitor's time-- by suggesting the best way to follow a trail, providing locations of the nearest rest rooms, drinking water, lodging and gas stations, and even spots for a picnic lunch.

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Road and trail conditions and elevation changes are carefully noted, as are hours of operation, any entrance fees and proximity of public transportation if available. Particular hazards are pointed out as may be necessary, as well as wheelchair accessibility and obstacles for those with limited mobility, At some sites, the visitor will know what time of day is most favorable for birding, and where to get the best views when the trees are bare or fields are flooded.

Nearly a dozen maps complement site-specific driving directions that all start from the intersection of I and I in the heart of Albuquerque. There is a strong emphasis on how to most efficiently locate target species, some of which may be found almost exclusively at one or a few of the hot spots.

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All of the expected species are listed in an annotated checklist that references only the best locations for finding them. Unlike some bird finding guides, the text is not cluttered with aging reports of rare and unusual birds. Instead, the reader is sensibly advised to consult the latest eBird and rare bird alerts before setting out. Nearly all of these locations are already indexed by name in eBird. Whether planning an extended trip or a few hours' escape from a business meeting, birders with all levels of experience will find Birding Hotspots of Central New Mexico an invaluable traveling companion.

They also make good use of the internet and give web sites for many of the areas mentioned. Readers will discover that there is a variety of habitats in central New Mexico which translates into a large variety of bird species to be encountered. Judy's blog entries often describe her local trips with the Thursday Birders, a dedicated group of Central New Mexico Audubon Society members who get out to interesting places every Thursday morning.

Most of the Thursday Birder excursions are in or around the city of Albuquerque for a half day, making it easy to fit them into a busy schedule.

Reading her narratives brings me back to the eleven years I lived in New Mexico. This makes it infinitely more valuable to birders who visit the area infrequently or maybe for the first time The text is in a font that is crisp and easy to read Skip to main content. Search form. Advanced Search. Natural History Series 42 Paperback. Exquisite photographs, informative distribution maps, and a helpful source list accompany the species descriptions, and the book offers a glossary and full bibliography for those who want to explore the literature further.

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With the degradation and disappearance of the inland and coastal habitats that these birds depend upon, the natural history of these waterfowl species provides a vital reminder of the interconnectedness and crucial importance of all wetlands. Birders, biologists, landowners, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and all those interested in the health and preservation of our coastal and inland wetland resources will enjoy and learn from this book.

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