Manual Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obamas Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security

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We've got rising food prices here in the United States. And what I've said is, my top priority is making sure that people are able to get enough to eat. And if it turns out that we've got to make changes in our ethanol policy to help people get something to eat, then that's got to be the step we take. On the issue of nuclear power , in , Obama stated, " Illinois has 11 nuclear power plants — the most of any State in the country — and nuclear power provides more than half of Illinois's electricity needs.

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In , in response to Illinois residents' concerns about unreported radioactive leaks by Exelon Corporation , Obama introduced a Senate bill to effect mandatory disclosure of such leaks. In , The New York Times , which had endorsed Hillary Clinton , [] charged that, in revising his bill, Obama had "removed language mandating prompt reporting and simply offered guidance to regulators".

Obama and other Senators introduced a bill in to promote the development of commercially viable plug-in hybrids and other electric-drive vehicles in order to shift away from petroleum fuels and "toward much cleaner — and cheaper — electricity for transportation". Government invest in such developments using revenue generated from an auction-based cap-and-trade or emissions trading program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He has called for a 50 miles per US gallon 4. He opposes drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

On June 22, Obama proposed tightening regulations on oil speculators in an effort to ease record high prices of oil. Obama said, "The time has come for universal health care in America [ The Associated Press reported in September that Senator Obama was proposing a National Health Insurance Exchange that would include both private insurance plans and a Medicare-like government run option. Coverage would be guaranteed regardless of health status, and premiums would not vary based on health status either. The plan requires that parents cover their children, but does not require adults to buy insurance.

According to an October 26, article in the New York Times, Obama is considering a new payroll tax on large and medium employers who do not already provide their employees with health insurance, and this tax would be used to pay for health care for uninsured people, but Obama has not cited the specific percentage of payroll that the tax would be, or how small a number of employees the employer would have to have in order to be exempt from the tax.

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Obama introduced the Stop Fraud Act [] to increase penalties for mortgage fraud by mortgage brokers and real estate brokers and to provide more protections for low-income homebuyers. Barney Frank passed the House the same day. Obama supports the Employee Free Choice Act , a bill that adds penalties for labor violations and which would circumvent the secret ballot requirement to organize a union.

Obama promises to sign the EFCA into law. The change made to the federal worker minimum wage applies only to new contracts or contracts having their terms changed and takes effect beginning in Obama favors the concept of equal pay the abolition of wage differences between genders. There the Court dismissed a woman's discrimination claim because she had filed it more than days after the first affected paycheck.

The bill died in a Senate vote in which Obama and other Democrats could not break a Republican filibuster.

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In a July address to the National Education Association , Obama supported merit pay for teachers, to be based on standards to be developed "with teachers. Obama has proposed the American Opportunity Tax Credit , which would provide a refundable tax credit for education in exchange for community service. Obama wants 5, failing schools to close, and then reopen with new principals and teachers. In a June podcast, Obama expressed support for telecommunications legislation to protect network neutrality on the Internet, saying: "It is because the Internet is a neutral platform that I can put out this podcast and transmit it over the Internet without having to go through any corporate media middleman.

I can say what I want without censorship or without having to pay a special charge.


But the big telephone and cable companies want to change the Internet as we know it. Obama reaffirmed his commitment to net neutrality at a meeting with Google employees in November , at which he said, "once providers start to privilege some applications or web sites over others, then the smaller voices get squeezed out, and we all lose. In a February official blog post titled "We The People Response: Reaffirming the White House's Commitment to Net Neutrality", the Obama administration, via Chief Technology Officer Todd Park , once again reaffirmed its commitment to net neutrality by stating, "Preserving an open Internet is vital not to just to the free flow of information, but also to promoting innovation and economic productivity.

According to the Tax Policy Center, the Obama plan provides three times as much tax relief for middle-class families as the McCain plan. Dividend rates would be 39 percent lower than what President George W. Bush proposed in his tax cut. Obama's plan is to cut income taxes overall, which he states would reduce revenues to below the levels that prevailed under Ronald Reagan less than Obama plans to pay for the tax changes while bringing down the budget deficit by cutting unnecessary spending. Speaking in November to members of Wake Up Wal-Mart , a union-backed campaign group , Obama said: "You need to pay your workers enough that they can actually not only shop at Wal-Mart , but ultimately send their kids to college and save for retirement.

In The Audacity of Hope and the Blueprint for Change [] Obama advocates responding to the "precarious budget situation" by eliminating "tax credits that have outlived their usefulness", closing corporate tax loopholes, and restoring the PAYGO policy that prohibits increases in federal spending without a way to compensate for the lost revenue.

And so the most important thing that I can do for charitable giving is to fix the economy, to get banks lending again, to get businesses opening their doors again, to get people back to work again. Hungerford of the Congressional Research Service has written that "allowing the tax cuts targeted to high income taxpayers to expire as scheduled could help reduce budget deficits in the short-term without stifling the economic recovery.

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  • Obama said he wanted to "look at raising the capital gains tax for purposes of fairness. Obama has spoken out numerous times against the influence of lobbying in the United States. On January 24, , in reference to his stated plan to take public financing should he procure the nomination, he said, "I think that for a time, the presidential public financing system works.

    According to his website, Obama would create an online database of lobbying reports, campaign finance filings and ethics records, and would create an independent watchdog agency to oversee congressional ethical violations. Obama supports a guest worker program , [] and voted in favor of the Bush administration backed Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of Obama has said that he "will not support any bill that does not provide [an] earned path to citizenship for the undocumented population. Obama has said that he does not believe that the 12 million illegal immigrants should be deported.

    He said "It's not going to happen.

    We're not going to go round them up We should give them a pathway to citizenship. Obama has supported granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. In June , Obama voted against declaring English as the official language of the federal government. In November , Obama stated that, "We can … go a long way toward meeting industry's need for skilled workers with Americans. Until we have achieved that, I will support a temporary increase in the H-1B visa program as a stopgap measure until we can reform our immigration system comprehensively. In July , Obama said, "Find out how many senators appeared before an immigration rally last year.

    Who was talking the talk, and who walked the walk — because I walked…I didn't run away from the issue, and I didn't just talk about it in front of Latino audiences. I will also increase the number of people we allow in the country legally to a level that unites families and meets the demand for jobs employers cannot fill" "I support comprehensive immigration reform that includes improving our visa programmes, including the H-1B programme, to attract some of the world's most talented people to America", Obama said in an interview with IANS in October On 25 November , Ju Hong, a year-old South Korean immigrant without legal documentation, shouted at Obama to use his executive power to stop deportation of illegal immigrants.

    And what I'm proposing is the harder path, which is to use our democratic processes to achieve the same goal. In reference to state ballot initiatives on affirmative action, Obama's spokesperson Candice Toliver said that "Senator Obama believes in a country in which opportunity is available to all Americans, regardless of race, gender or economic status. That's why he opposes these ballot initiatives, which would roll back opportunity for millions of Americans and cripple efforts to break down historic barriers to the progress of qualified women and minorities.

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    Obama writes in his most recent book, The Audacity of Hope : " Affirmative action programs, when properly structured, can open up opportunities otherwise closed to qualified minorities without diminishing opportunities for white students. In July , after winning the primary, Obama said that he wants to expand federal funding of faith-based programs and establish a "Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships".

    He specified that, under his plan, federal money given to places of worship could only be used on secular programs. In particular, he mentioned, on July 1 in Zanesville, Ohio , that "support for social services to the poor and the needy have consistently been underfunded".

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    He went on to praise President Bush's efforts, but contended that the current administration's plan never managed to "rally the armies of compassion. On September 22, , Obama said, "I am not a Democrat who believes that we can or should defend every government program just because it's there We will fire government managers who aren't getting results, we will cut funding for programs that are wasting your money and we will use technology and lessons from the private sector to improve efficiency across every level of government The only way we can do all this without leaving our children with an even larger debt is if Washington starts taking responsibility for every dime that it spends.

    Early in the Obama administration, some became aware of a program that provided free cellphones and service to the poor, concluding it was a new Obama program and branded the phenomenon as "Obamaphones. However, the cellphone program had begun in , as an extension of the Universal Service Fund dating back to at least , and is not funded with taxpayer money.

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    Further information: United States debt-ceiling crisis of See also: Fiscal cliff. See also: Income inequality in the United States. See also: Health care reform in the United States and Health care reform in the United States presidential election, Rolling Stone. Retrieved November 19, Retrieved March 12, Retrieved December 30, Kaiser Family Foundation.

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