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Those childhood memories of her great-grandmother working with needle and thread to make traditional wrap-around moccasins decorated with intricate beadwork inspired her to learn the art form in adulthood. The nostalgia brought on by the smoky smell told her she was on the right path. Cynthia Boehm has been working full time as a beadwork artist for the last three years. To me, that was important.

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She has been working full time as a beadwork artist for the last three years. To get a deeper understanding of beading, Boehm took any and every workshop she could and sought instruction from elders in Thompson and Norway House. I just go and visit and we bead together and the beauty of that is the stories they share. She even got the chance to learn from an elder who died when Boehm was 18 years old — her great-grandmother, Jane Mary Sinclair. There was an understanding in Boehm's family that some of Sinclair's work had been donated to the Manitoba Museum, although no one had ever gone to see it.

While taking a beading workshop at the museum, Boehm asked Maureen Matthews, the curator of cultural anthropology, what she knew about the collection. The donations had been purchased by a man named Rev. Allan Cheales during a trip up to Norway House. Supplied photo courtesy of The Manitoba Museum. Matthews refers to this as "skills repatriation" and she hopes it becomes a regular occurrence.

“She had a real cool job: washing dogs.”

The show is on at the gallery until Sept. Winning the MSA competition is an affirmation for Boehm, whose goal is to see more beadwork on display in art galleries, and more widely recognized as an art form, rather than a craft.

I didn't expect to win, I'm grateful and humbled and I feel very proud that beadwork is in a gallery," she said. Boehm studies beaded gauntlets made by her great-grandmother Jane Mary Sinclair at the Manitoba Museum. She works out of her home in St.


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Andrews and uses traditional materials as much as possible in her work, sourcing tiny glass beads, porcupine quills and animal hides from independent producers and native craft stores. The swirling floral designs she specializes in come from visions or dreams and many are inspired by nature and her childhood; every piece she makes includes shades of blue, an homage to growing up along the Nelson River and memories of fishing with her father and picking berries with her mother.

Beading is a labour of love that requires a lot of patience.

Where There's Smoke

For Boehm, the biggest indicator of how a project will turn out is the state of mind she is in while working. In just three years, Boehm has gone from a novice beader to a recognized artist and teacher. And I couldn't be more content today with what I'm doing. You can comment on most stories on The Winnipeg Free Press website. You can also agree or disagree with other comments.

All you need to do is be a Winnipeg Free Press print or digital subscriber to join the conversation and give your feedback. Vinyl , LP, Album. Add Review winchrecords February 23, Report. While this clearly isn't their best album, it has a charm all its own, and in some ways might be seen as the purest War album.

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Here the band leaves behind Goldstein and early beginnings with Eric Burden , here releasing on what might be their own label after moving to RCA for two albums , producing this album themselves. Other than a cover of "Groovin'," the songs are credited to the four original members, with two cuts credited to the whole band. This is a mix of 70s soul and 80s synth funk, the instrumental "Day II" returning to their jazzy side, Oskar's harmonica playing helping to connect this album with their classic 70s' sound.

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